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PostHeaderIcon Sabato 23 e domenica 24 HB9IRC/p on air dal Forte Mondascia

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carriGrazie alla sempre impeccabile organizzazione da parte degli Amici di HB9LUG, il prossimo week-end vedrà il team di HB9IRC/P impegnato in un'attivazione di grande valenza storica, in quanto rientra nel calendario delle celebrazioni del centenario della Grande Guerra.

Infatti saremo attivi dal FORTE MONDASCIA di Biasca, referenza DCS-TI067 in occasione della manifestazione MILITARY SHOW 2014, dove non saremo solo impegnati come radioamatori, ma anche come espositori.

Infatti la stazione SSB sarà su un carro comando, mentre la postazione CW in un bunker interrato sotto un cannoncino.

Saremo on air nella giornata di sabato dalla ore 07:00 alle 15:00 UTC mentre domenica dalle 07:00 alle 13:00 UTC.

La manifestazione prevede moltissime attività e curiosità; saranno esposti veicoli storici militari e ci si potrà  esibirei nel  tiro softair, visitare la fortezza, fare un giro un carro armato, vedere le divise napoleoniche delle milizie storiche ticinesi e tutta la collezione di armi e armamenti presenti nel museo.

Sarà in funzione una cucina da campo militare che proporrà dal salamino alla polenta e brasato, dal risotto alla griglia,...

Noi abbiamo accettato questo invito per poter far conoscere il nostro hobby in un contesto che dovrebbe attirare molte persone.

Ci auguriamo che tanti colleghi colgano questa occasione per incontrarci ed operare da un luogo così particolare.

Come arrivare al Forte Mondascia:  la via più semplice suggerisce l'uscita autostradale di Biasca - Stazione FFS Biasca - proseguire in direzione di Osogna, Via Bellinzona, Via Chiasso, uscita Via alla Centrale e proseguire fino al cartello segnaletico del Museo.

Coordinate per navigatore satellitare: 46°20'17.63" 8°58'47.57 

QRX: 145,250

Maggiori info e programma dettagliato della manifestazione: http://www.fortemondascia.ch/military_show_2014.html 

73' Insubria Radio Club Svizzera HB9IRC


PostHeaderIcon IQ2IR/P let's go!

IR logo team 1On Sunday June 15,  at around 07:30 UTC will start the Insubria Radio Team's activity 2014 with the callsign IQ2IR/p, which will be on air from Angera, the nice town on Maggiore Lake.

We shall activate the references DCI-VA002 for Italian Castles Award and DLI I2-058 for Italian Lakes Award.

In the mornig we shall work the 40 mt. band around 7,120 Mhz then in the afternoon the 20 mt.band, but at around 11:30 UTC we shall have an hour of QRT in order to have lunch with some boys with disabilities. 

We shall reply to all QSL cards via EURO BUREAU QSL or direct with S.A.S.E.

Stay tuned and join with us! Spots on cluster are welcome!

73' Emanuela IZ2ELV


PostHeaderIcon SKED con IU2BZT/P dal Liceo Scientifico "Ferraris" di Varese.giovedì 5 giugno!

There are no translations available.

aleE' previsto domani attorno alle 07:15 UTC il CQ-CQ di Alessandro IU2BTZ dalla scuola che frequenta, il Liceo Scientifico "Galileo Ferraris" di Varese. Non è un'attività programmata nell'ambito de La Radio nelle Scuole, bensì un'invito personale da parte del Professore di Fisica al nostro giovane Socio di fare un pò di attività dall'istituto, dettato dal grande entusiasmo di Alessandro nel rendere partecipe i suoi compagni al suo hobby.

Per l'occasione ha costruito una canna da pesca dedicata per la banda dei 40 metri che ferrà installata sul terrazzo del tetto della scuola, ma sarà disponibile anche un dipolo sempre autocostruito.

E' bellissimo vedere questa gran voglia di fare e sperimentare di Alessandro e quindi speriamo siano tante le stazioni che lo collegheranno in 40 mt.

Good luck IU2BZT/P!!!!!

73' Fulvio IZ2EXA


PostHeaderIcon A nice contest for YLs and not only!

day of yl

Next week end I'll be on air for the second time in the contest THE DAY OF YLs, a nice competition to involve YL in ham radio activities.


Time : 2014-05-24 06h00 UTC to 2014-05-25 18h00 UTC

Bands : 3,5 - 7 - 14 - 21 - 28 MHz & for the first time VHF also but outside the relays, of course.

To help competitors to find each other we propose to use frequencies +/- 10 kHz
from the following activity center frequencies:
CW: 3.533, 7.033, 14.033, 21.033 and 28.033 MHz
RTTY: 3.588, 7.044, 14.088, 21.088 and 28.088 MHz
SSB: 3.733, 7.133, 14.213, 14.240, 14.300, 21.233, 21.400 and 28.433 MHz

Modes : CW, SSB, RTTY

Exchanges : RS(T) + YL/OM (e.g. 59(9)+ YL/OM)
The same station may be worked once on each band and mode

Award : An award will be issued to all participants (SWLs also) who has contacted or heard
for the 33 points with YLs (pdf file):

For OM / YL 2 points
For YL/ YL 3 points
For YL / OM 1 point
Results will be published separately for OM and YLs according to the number of YLs logged

Logs : Mail log to f5isy at orange.fr not later than 2014-06-26
Mail object : call + OM/YL + Number of YL contacted + Total number of QSO

Log software :
You can use & many tnx N1MM for that : http://n1mm.hamdocs.com/tiki-list_file_gallery.php?galleryId=18:: & DOYLSRTTY.udc

Contest page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/YLs-Love-Ham-Radio/290410121089740

Facebook group: www.facebook.com/group.php

73' Emanuela IZ2ELV


PostHeaderIcon TK1R on air!

There are no translations available.

andreaI nostri Soci Andrea IZ2LSC ed Ivano I2RFJ da oggi al 4 maggio saranno on air con il Team di TK1R dalla costa orientale della Corsica.

Con loro Bruno IW3HXR, Claudio IK3HAR e Alberto IV3BSY faranno parte del gruppo tutto italiano NOLOGO Indipendent DXer, che in questa occasione presteranno particolare attenzione alle bande WARC e modi digitali e parteciperanno anche all'ARI International DX Contest.

Ad Andrea, Ivano e tutto il Team il più caloroso good luck!

73' Emanuela IZ2ELV


PostHeaderIcon We present our Novices: Alessandro e Stefano



Among the good things that we already got in this 2014 there are two new members of ours really special : Alessandro  IU2BZT and Stefano IU2CDC .

It's easy to understand by the letter U, which follows the letter I of Italy, that these ones are recent callsigns, but the thing that makes us very proud is to count them in our team is their young age.
Day by day web has invaded our lives, making us sometimes forget the pleasure to speak with friends , it's really rare to find guys who are interested in Ham Radio.
It 's  true that they have inherited this passion from their fathers: Alexander is son of Mario IZ2QGR and Stefano of  Gianmario IW2FZB, but it is also normal that young people today do not follow his father's footsteps as regards the practice of sport and in hobbies, so if our Novices have studied and taken the exam is because they are really interested in Ham Radio..
We, members  of Insubria Radio Club,  really hope that Alessandro and Stefano will join the team soon in the upcoming activations and we will try to increase their interest in this wonderful world .
73' Insubria Radio Team HB9IRC & IQ2IR

PostHeaderIcon Happy Springtime!


PostHeaderIcon Thanks a lot Piero IK1YEV!

yaesuAnother great piece was added to the project of Gilberto IZ2GMR, which we did ours and wa want to realize a permanent radio  station at the Catholic mission in Uganda. After the three-band rotary dipole donated by Fritz IZ2LXL and as promised during the meeting of 30 March, Piero IK1YEV has already delivered the TRX HF-VHF-UHF all modes YAESU FT-767GX, a radio in excellent condition and which helped to write the story of the famous Japanese brand.
So we just have to thank the two  members of ours and benefactors for the laudable gesture: THANK YOU FRITZ AND PIERO!
73' Fulvio IZ2EXA

PostHeaderIcon MEETING 2014 - Ever higher!

_DSC0023I think that there is no greater satisfaction for the presidents realizing the growing participation of members in activities, receive many constructive proposals and especially see a lot of enthusiasm. This is a summary of what we have noticed, Max HB9TUZ  President of Insubria Radio Club Switzerland and me, at the Meeting 2014 on Sunday March 30, held at the beautiful Villa Cagnola and we want to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for hospitality and and excellent services offered.
We recorded the presence of  23 Radioamateurs,  members of ours , many of them with  their Ladies who participated in the guided tour of the Cagnola Collection while we were engaged in the General Assembly of Shareholders . A special thanks goes to Sergio IZ3CNM that despite the considerable distance that separates him from us, is always present at important meetings of Insubria Radio Club
Have already been proposed for various portable activities in the current year , on both the Swiss and Italian , all many interesting and able to promote our Insubria , fun to turn on the radio, Autocostruzioni experience and especially strengthen the harmony of the our team.
On this occasion, it was voted unanimously united in our commitment to support the Association AISH, for which our member Piergiacomo IW2LCA highlighted the growing problems of livelihood and EWE MAMA , for which we place another important step for the DXpedition which will include the installation of a permanent radio station at the mission , thanks to the good heart of Piero IK1YEV who donated a trx Yaesu and Federico IZ2LXN with a rotate dipole  6 bands.
A witness to the beautiful Sunday spent together , we published the photo gallery and the video edited by Fiorenzo HB9FAQ 
We could not close the meeting by planning for the next monthly meeting at  Buguggiate, set for Friday, May 9, 2014 .

73 ' Massimo HB9TUZ and Fulvio IZ2EXA

PostHeaderIcon Video Meeting 2014

There are no translations available.

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Regolamento Rifugi Insubrici Award

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Thanks a lot Jeff K1NSS!

Thanks a lot Jeff K1NSS!

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